'The Stars Movement' 1976-1984

Qu LeiLei was a founding member of the 'Stars', a group of artists who formed the first ever contemporary art movement to appear in China. Their campaign for freedom of expression, Bejing 1979 to 1983, at last broke the stranglehold of Communist Party orthodoxy and set the stage for the future freedom of artistic expression in China.


Now one of China's  leading  contemporary artists, Qu Lei Lei's paintings have been exhibited both nationally and internationally at the Venice Biennale, the Beijing Biennale and the Pompidou Centre in Paris. 


Qu Lei Lei's one man shows include the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford and China's National Gallery where his work forms part of their collections. Art works have recently been acquired by the British Museum and the V&A for their permanent collections.

Working quite simpy with ink on paper his works comprise a blend of classical Chinese and Western art techniques combined with modern concepts, illustrated by the relatively recent  warriors (Empires project).

Witnessing the cultural revolution and cataclysmic events in Chinese history

Qu Lei Lei's art not only bears testimony to this but blends his asstute 
and intensive knowledge of history with modern thought and stands as a trenchant coment to our time.

In unison these pieces reflect the artist's deep concern about humanity in particular today's peoples and the conditions in which we all live.



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